Voices: Asset Manager

David Berger, P.Eng., has been a contributing editor since 1992, providing advice to management from Maintenance, Engineering and Operations on how to manage assets more efficiently and effectively. His monthly column, Asset Manager, covers a broad range of topics including asset management strategy, CMMS/EAM, asset management best practices, and organizational design issues.

How to make the case for better case management

Integrate your work and case management systems to help control costs responsibly, David Berger says

By David Berger
May 31, 2016

Human nature hasn’t changed over the past 50 years, but it’s staggering how much technology has changed physical assets for every industry. Couple this with senior management’s insatiable thirst for lower costs and the rising concerns of regulatory bodies across all industries, and you get untenable pressure exerted on asset managers to do what is seemingly impossible. How can asset managers drive down costs while asset complexity, costs, and risk are dramatically on the rise?

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