Voices: Asset Manager

David Berger, P.Eng. has been a contributing editor since 1992, providing advice to management from Maintenance, Engineering and Operations on how to manage assets more efficiently and effectively. His monthly column, Asset Manager, covers a broad range of topics including asset management strategy, CMMS/EAM, asset management best practices, and organizational design issues.

This simple, powerful CMMS analytic tool can improve efficiency and effectiveness at your plant

David Berger explores how Pareto Analysis can focus your asset management efforts.

By David Berger
Mar 11, 2015

Your CMMS, no matter its age or sophistication level, most likely is capable of slicing and dicing data in thousands of different ways. So where do you begin? How do you prioritize? Let’s look at one possible starting point: Pareto analysis. This is a simple and powerful tool that will quickly focus your asset management efforts, resulting in improved efficiency and effectiveness.

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