Voices: Asset Manager

David Berger, P.Eng. has been a contributing editor since 1992, providing advice to management from Maintenance, Engineering and Operations on how to manage assets more efficiently and effectively. His monthly column, Asset Manager, covers a broad range of topics including asset management strategy, CMMS/EAM, asset management best practices, and organizational design issues.

The risk management balancing act: How to recognize and navigate the tradeoffs

David Berger explores using your CMMS to maximize asset performance, availability, and reliability.

By David Berger

Risk is a key consideration in striking the right balance between minimizing the total cost of ownership of your assets, and maximizing their performance, availability, and reliability. It is all about tradeoffs you make when you try to optimize your asset design, work program, and work schedule. This column provides some basic guidelines on to how to recognize and navigate these tradeoffs.

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