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David Berger, P.Eng. has been a contributing editor since 1992, providing advice to management from Maintenance, Engineering and Operations on how to manage assets more efficiently and effectively. His monthly column, Asset Manager, covers a broad range of topics including asset management strategy, CMMS/EAM, asset management best practices, and organizational design issues.

4 functions of multimedia content in your CMMS

David Berger says enhance the CMMS user experience with maps, video, and other multimedia.

By David Berger
Mar 31, 2015

Simply put, your CMMS provides a solid framework on which to record the planning and execution of work and any anomalies experienced. It also provides tools to analyze and report on the data collected, for improving your work program and making management decisions regarding recruitment, training, workplace layout, signage, capital replacement, and so on. Although the CMMS vendor may provide some content, most do not want to carry the liability of getting it wrong, such as a standard operating procedure that is not quite relevant to your specialized equipment.

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