Second Opinion

Salvation by productive paranoia

Any system that provides a lot of benefits, uses a lot of energy, or otherwise does things on a grand scale is also a monsterous trap. If, as an engineer or manager, you haven’t seen the trap, you haven’t looked hard enough.

Time for Earth Class Manufacturing

If there were as many US manufacturers working to Earth Class standards of environmental performance as we have working on world class efficiency, the results might get very exciting very fast.

Success – Are we there yet?

Even Homer can usually say where he’s going. Without a destination it is impossible to measure progress along the way or proximity to the end of the journey.

Make it easy to get CMMS data from the pros

Procedures are an essential part of any preventive maintenance program, but some workers are threatened in two ways by job instructions.

Avoid the compressor control gap

VSD can save you money and save your compressed air system a beating.

If all you have is a hammer, get a screwdriver.

Add a new monitoring technology to your personal tool kit this year; build your personal capability and credibility; increase the safety and productivity of the whole operation.

The first step out of the energy hole – stop digging.

Everybody knows that everybody on the planet is burning irreplaceable lubricants to heat the outdoors.

Compensating errors are not a reliability strategy

Some equipment must be repaired or replaced before it fails. We need to know which things are in that category and how to look after them.

Training and maintenance failures make time bombs of West Virginia coal plants

Another crew working with poison one valve away from the drinking water supply bobbled the job

Industrial professionals use RCA, politicians apply CCACA

Make your plant run like a learning machine, not a Washington newscast.