Crisis Corner

Prognosticators are normally wrong- predict your own successful future!

Here we are on the eve the latest end of the world prediction, I can't help but recall an incident while in college where someone interpreted a Nostradamus quadrain and predicted that a mass murder would occur at a university that is perpendicular to train tracks in a certain area...


Moving past tragedies and implementing solutions- GIVE WORK A CHANCE! Once again, our country grieves the man-made catastrophe caused by a deranged citizen who marshaled an arsenal to destroy the lives of 27 victims, including 18 children.

12 Days of Maintenance

Tis the season for some industrial cheer and some fun, so check out my new song the 12 Days of Maintenance. Would love your feedback and input sent to And I wish you a safe and joyous season ahead and hope you get some personal downtime to spend with...

Pipedreams-- Fix-it or they will leave

Getting industry support for the skills and maintenance crisis is critical but even more critical is to get support from outside of industry, the general public, business and governmental leaders if we are going to see long lasting change and have the volume of talent pools developed to deal with...

THERE GOES THE BOOMERS- What do we do now? Everyone now wants to know..

For years the skills and maintenance crises were deemed a non-issue and not news-worthy of mainstream media outlets. With the explosion of news coverage before the election and after with the looming fiscal cliff, crises are now dinner-time conversations. Below are a few excerpts of coverage.

Skills Gap, Boomer Tsunami, Skills Crisis- explosion of coverage of the skills crisis

One person can very rarely convince a crowd to change directions or course. It typically take a chorus of those in agreement before the masses will move away from the normal inertia on status quo thinking before making a serious changes.

Tools for tomorrow?

What is your vision of tomorrow’s manufacturing? Ideally, machines would never break, never need new parts, or if that if is not possible they could fix themselves. With planned obsolescence from OEM, utilization of sensitive, light, non durable components, electronic systems, with natural disasters or just seasonal weather stresses, excessive...

Yuck, I don't want to be a maintenance person

Maintenance: When all goes well: normally no one acknowledges Maintenance staff or their work and training that was involved in attaining production. When it goes badly, they say we don't have maintenance and find a scape goat that could not get the resources to accept the blame.

21st Century Maintenance Organization

One of the contributing factors to the Maintenance Crisis is that boomers are not just retiring but major thought leaders are departing to eternity. We lost several years ago the wisdom and energy of John Moubray author of numerous books on RCM and Maintenance Management strategies that revolutionized industry processes...

More Solutions to the Skills Gap Emerge

Hope that you read this submission from Don Fitchett of the Business Industrial Network. Joel, "