Bill Holmes on Energy

Watson's Words of Wisdom on Benchmarking

Doesn’t anyone out there but me see how ridiculous the whole concept is of reviewing data once a year to verify that a building is being run efficiently? Come on, I’m a dog and I can see it. I’m betting even a really smart cat could see it too!

Why Don’t Utility Companies Give their Customers the Information they Need to Reduce their Costs?

Watson: Providing usage profiles is the single most valuable thing that utilities could do to help their customers reduce the amount of energy they use. Since they don’t do it, it makes you question whether utility companies really want to help their customers reduce their bills doesn't it?

Why Can’t Buildings Fly Like Airplanes?

Watson: Buildings can and should ‘Fly Like Airplanes’. It’s really not that complicated is it? All the Energy Profession needs to do is Pretend Every Building is an Airplane and apply the same standards for Information, Training, Reliability and Accountability. Holmes: Watson, you’re a genius!

“Whether it’s a Skyscraper in Manhattan or a School in the Mountains of Colorado, they aren’t Fundamentally Different” – EPA Spokeswoman

Watson: You are kidding me aren’t you Holmes? A representative of an agency that’s supposed to be leading the way in energy efficiency doesn’t understand the difference between a Skyscraper and a School? Holmes: I couldn’t believe it either when I read it in the paper.

Every Facility is Unique; Benchmarking One Against Another Has Little Value

Watson: The Energy Star Website says, “You know what’s motivating? Finding out you’re behind the curve and you didn’t even know it." Is that what really motivates people Holmes, to find out that their building has a low Energy Star Rating? Holmes: That’s a new one on me. 

You can’t afford not to have a permanent energy monitoring system

Watson: What makes you so certain that every building needs permanent instrumentation to operate efficiently? Holmes: You mean other than the fact that every plane, car, ship, train and sophisticated device except buildings is operated that way? Watson: Yes, other than that.

The energy profession has it backwards!

Watson: By installing an Energy Monitoring System at the beginning of every project, all of the hours and dollars associated with benchmarking, estimating energy use, projecting savings and other tasks can be eliminated. The owner can spend their time producing Results instead of Reports.

Happy 4th of July from Holmes and Watson !

Watson: I understand you served seven years on active duty with the Air Force during the Vietnam War. Holmes: I did and have always been proud of this country and all of the wonderful people who have contributed over several hundred years to our Freedom!

They spent millions buying what they thought were energy management systems for 175 buildings

The State Director of Energy Conservation spent millions of dollars buying  what he was told were Energy Management Systems for 175 buildings. But they didn't monitor a single meter. Surprise! They were only Temperature Controls Systems.

If airplanes can fly on autopilot, why can't buildings?

“If an airplane can fly eight miles above the earth on “autopilot” why can’t a building on the ground do so? The answer is that not only can buildings have “autopilots” but they should.” – Jim Sinopoly, Founder of Smart Buildings LLC