Visual oil analysis – A front-line defense

This 20-minute Plant Services Fundamental will provide an overview of best practices to employ when collecting oil analysis information; what should be collected and where best to collect it from.

visual inspection 20-minute Plant Services Fundamental will provide an overview of best practices to employ when collecting oil analysis information; what should be collected and where best to collect it from. This Fundamental will also explore how to correlate the information collected with a commercial oil analysis program in order to understand the overall condition of equipment. Watch the presentation

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  • The dawning of a new era for manufacturing and sustainability

    By Bill Holmes, P.E., Holmes Energy

    On March 26, 2015, I was in Wilson, N.C., and I witnessed the "dawning of a new era." During my entire 41-year career in the energy-conservation profession, I have experienced the ebb and flow of interest in conservation as the economy improved or receded, as energy prices went up or down, or as…

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  • SCADA gets better, faster, stronger

    By Jim Montague

    The downside of being responsible for everything is obvious—even more so when jobs and jurisdictions swell in size and scope. However, just like responsible parents, plant operators and their supervisory control systems don't walk away from their duties when stressed or tired out. Luckily, just…

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  • Up on the roof: Solar power at your plant

    By Dan Hebert

    Rooftop solar is impacting the machine- and robot-builder OEM market in multiple manners. Most of what’s reported about solar power concerns large base-station installations, but this type of facility faces limits due to the huge amounts of land required. The highest power density achieved is…

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  • Getting the right information from your devices

    With an aging workforce ready to retire, a reduction in budget and manpower resources and the need to evaluate much more information before making critical decisions, it is important that you use all of the information available. Today's measurement and control devices typically are an overlooked…

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  • Metrics on the mind: Measuring sustainability

    By Seán Ottewell

    Operating companies such as BASF, Eastman Chemical, Amcor and Dow Chemical are benefiting from using sustainability metrics to meet the challenge of improving products and processes. “Though a number of different measurement and valuation methods exist for sustainability, most of them are focused…

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  • APM and reputation management

    By Dan Miklovic, LNS Research

    Recently, when gasoline was available in some places in the United States for less than $2 per gallon, most people were enjoying the extra money in the economy, and the petroleum industry didn't capture very many headlines. Now that gasoline is headed back toward $5 per gallon in some places, such…

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