Goal: Zero breakdowns

A conversation with 2014 CMRP of the Year award winner Mary Jo Cherney on the importance of balancing investments in workforce development, company culture, and new technologies to achieve reliability goals.

mary jo cherney

Mary Jo Cherney, manager for maintenance at Nissan Motor Co. in Smyrna, TN, was named SMRP’s CMRP of the Year last year in the Rising Leader category. A past winner of the GE Ecomagination Award, Cherney earned her CMRP certification in 2013. Cherney spoke with Plant Services in June about Nissan’s approach to reliability and her work toward achieving zero breakdowns. PS: What is your current job title and job responsibilities? MJC: I am the manager of Total Productive Maintenance and Global Maintenance Reliability.  We are responsible for making sure our equipment in the plant is reliable by using predictive technologies and lubrication management. PS: How did your…

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