Visual oil analysis – A front-line defense

This 20-minute Plant Services Fundamental will provide an overview of best practices to employ when collecting oil analysis information; what should be collected and where best to collect it from.

visual inspection 20-minute Plant Services Fundamental will provide an overview of best practices to employ when collecting oil analysis information; what should be collected and where best to collect it from. This Fundamental will also explore how to correlate the information collected with a commercial oil analysis program in order to understand the overall condition of equipment. Watch the presentation

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Reliable Plant 2015

April 21-23
Cleveland, Ohio

Now in its 16th year, Reliable Plant serves as the leading, annual conference and exhibition for machinery lubrication, oil analysis and reliability professionals. Join more than 1,000 of your colleagues and industry thought leaders in Cleveland, OH on April 21-23, 2015 at the Cleveland Convention Center. No other industry event offers extensive pre-conference workshops and learning sessions covering today’s trends, technologies and issues. Attendees gain useful insight in multiple areas of lubrication, oil analysis and reliability. 

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  • 3D scanning: Measurement, made better and faster

    By Christine LaFave Grace

    It's measurement, made better and faster. 3D sensing and noncontact scanning technologies are transforming how many manufacturers gather measurement data both for machinery parts and assembled products – enabling faster and more accurate inspections and improved quality control. And in today's…

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  • The evolving automation architecture: The time to act is now

    By Jack Tison, for IIPA

    Studies show that 86% of manufacturers are investing in the Internet of Things (IoT) as they go after an estimated $4 trillion in benefits for manufacturing applications. Why now? The cost of sensors, networking, storage and computing have dropped dramatically. New architecture models and…

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  • Identifying the vulnerabilities at your plant

    By Sheila Kennedy

    Protecting industrial plants and their machines, networks, information systems, and personnel from threats is a management duty. New tools are designed to help companies comply with NERC’s Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) requirements, OSHA’s Process Safety Management (PSM) standards,…

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  • Benchmarking to achieve organizational reliability

    By Jeff Dudley, Solomon Associates

    The chemical manufacturing industry is undergoing a paradigm shift with regard to its view toward reliability. Recent trends show an emphasis on creating failure-free cultures where the goal is to detect potential plant and equipment failures before they occur. Making this shift requires the early…

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  • 4 ways to add automation to a hazardous area

    By Dan Hebert

    Automation and instrumentation components and systems must often be installed in process plant areas classified as hazardous according to IEC or NEC. These projects present challenges in terms of design, installation and maintenance. For all such installations, there are four main options as shown…

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  • Industrial Internet of Things by any other name

    By Mike Bacidore

    When Brian Sides heard about the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), it really didn’t connect with him. That might seem strange for the director of technology at Okuma America, who also was one of the original architects of THINC-OSPcontrol, an open-architecture CNC. IIoT didn’t resonate with…

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