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  • CMMS | IFS Asset Data Management | Plant Services

    IFS/Asset Data Management™ provides a powerful set of integrated tools for managing plant assets. The tool facilitates easy navigation through plant structures, for example functional or location breakdowns.

  • IFS Applications – The Solution for the Agile Enterprise

    In today’s global business environment, agility means everything. An agile company responds quickly to changing market conditions and customer demands. It becomes a market leader by smoothly adjusting its processes and offerings. And it expands into new markets as opportunities arise. Agility is the ability to evolve the business to make the most from every opportunity and the key to continuous profitability.

  • Electro-hydraulic system design: Making the right system choices

    Designers who understand and can take advantage of the differences between fluid power and traditional electromechanical power can build machines that produce higher quality output with lower lifecycle costs. This white paper suggests that care must be taken, however, in selecting and sizing the hydraulic system elements and in tuning the motion controller for optimal performance.

    Delta Computer Systems
  • Practical Perspectives on Motor Management

    This 12-page PDF white paper discusses how your plant can increase the reliability of its electric motors and increase the amount of production uptime.

  • 10 Essential Technologies for High-Performance Motion Control

    Motion controllers have incorporated key technologies over the years to meet the increasing demands of high-performance applications such as profile cutting and wafer inspection. This document covers the top 10 key technologies that impact your high-performance motion control applications.

    National Instruments
  • Accurate Steam Mass Measurement

    Vortex meters are ideal for measuring saturated steam flow, and now can be used to measure mass flow with integrated temperature sensor and controller software. These meters can also be integrated into a Foundation Fieldbus industrial network system.

  • Advance Metering 101

    This two-page white paper discusses power monitoring via advance meters and how it can can play a key role in helping companies control and reduce energy costs.

    Hunt Power
  • Panel meters, much more than a local display

    Many say panel meters are history. With newer technologies now available that address many issues panel meters can't, one important question lingers. Why are panel meters still a vital component in most control schemes?

    Red Lion Controls
  • The Four-Fold Method of Noise and Vibration Control

    This eight-page PDF whitepaper is designed to help control engineers get a better understanding of how passive acoustical systems can best be used to improve instrument designs at the lowest cost.

    E-A-R Specialty Composites
  • Improving the bottom line with pneumatics

    In Norgren's featured white paper, Improving the Bottom Line with Pneumatics, its engineers attempt to dispel common compressed air myths and offer real, scientifically proven solutions for reducing the cost of compressed air.

  • Liquid hydrocarbon dropout in natural gas infrastructure

    Economics are driving natural gas suppliers to leave more liquefiable hydrocarbons in gas delivered to end user plants. The white paper "Liquid Hydrocarbon Dropout in Natural Gas Infrastructure" describes how the practice may affect your product quality as well as maintenance, reliability and efficiency of combustion equipment.

    North American Energy Standards Board
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