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  • How to get cleaner air: The bottom line for dust collection

    Cleaner air comes easily if you understand how cartridge dust collectors have evolved and what still separates the very different technologies available.

    Petra Meinke, Senior Product Manager, and Tom Raether, Senior Product Engineer, Donaldson Torit
  • Proper Dyne Testing: How, Why, and When To Perform

    This manual describes the different dyne testing (evaluating a substrate's suitability for printing or laminating) methods and specifies which are best suited for different applications.

    UV Process Supply
  • A case study in power generation

    This three-page case study examines Wisconsin-based Dairyland Power Cooperative and its attempts to modernize.

  • Clean Compressed Air

    Good air preparation should consider the energy consumption of the system and air treatment equipment.

  • Smooth Transition Dok System

    This paper discusses lift truck operator injuries due to whole-body vibration and how a new technology may be key to prevention.

  • Measurement Best Practices

    This nine-page PDF discusses way in which you can ensure your measurements are accurate, repeatable and reliable.

  • Integrating Lubrication Management with Lubrication Analysis

    The purpose of the lubrication management system is to plan and schedule the deployment of lubrication to oil and grease lubricated machinery. It has been determined that inadequate or improper lubrication accounts for as much as 60% of all mechanical failures in industry.

  • Energy Efficiency - The Other Alternative Fuel

    Proven methods for industry to reduce energy consumption and environmental impact are already at hand. These cost-effective solutions promise substantial return-on-investment now and in the future, without sacrificing performance or quality. For most companies and organizations, the answers to maintaining a competitive edge in this era of rising energy costs are readily available. By applying a suite of cost-effective power and automation solutions from technology leaders like ABB, these facilities can achieve substantial energy savings today without waiting for the "alternative fuels" of the future.

  • Taking toxics out of the air

    This 34-page PDF white paper discusses the technology and performance-based standards implemented by the EPA during the last 10 years and how they will assist in removing harmful toxins from the air.

    Environmental Protection Agency
  • Reliability and the Energy Policy Act of 2005

    The Energy Policy Act of 2005 recently signed into law by President Bush contains a long list of provisions for everything from hybrid vehicles to new coal technologies. For the electric power industry, most of the legislation’s measures can be viewed as supporting one overriding objective: grid reliability.

  • The guide to successful factory maintenance

    More and more top executives insist on a workable maintenance strategy that is aligned with an overall corporate strategy. This 19-page guide addresses the challenges of maintenance improvement.

    Advanced Technology Services
  • The pros and cons of alarm management projects

    Although a lot of alarm management projects start and fail due to poor understanding of the scope of the probelm, lack of resources or money, loss of momentum, and no identifiable return on investment, the real key to success is to establish responsibility.

    User Centered Design Services
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