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on 'Remote Monitoring'

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  • PdM in action

    Learn how your facility stacks up, and find out what you need to consider when deciding where to invest your PdM time, money and efforts.

  • Predictive maintenance guidebook

    This guidebook from Plant Services and Azima DLI offers tips on building an effective predictive maintenance (PdM) program, from building a business case for such a program to features to look for in an online monitoring program.

  • Improving plant production with wireless condition monitoring

    Mechanical failures of motors, drives and other vital electromechanical equipment are among the most common reasons for production stoppages. Fortunately, recent advancements in vibration monitoring and data analysis have lead to condition monitoring systems that can accurately detect a problem before failure, thus reducing costly machine shutdowns and maximizing production output. These systems are installed on the monitored equipment and are typically networked back to a central computer for data analysis and alarm annunciation. Because the machines may be in remote locations where network infrastructure is not available, or on moving platforms where hardwired network connectivity is not practical, wireless communications are a networking alternative that offer installation cost savings, quicker deployment and improved reliability in certain situations.

    Jim Ralston
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