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  • Using MODBUS for Process Control and Automation

    A senior application engineer at Moore Industries, describes how Modbus works, and how it can be used in new and legacy process control and automation systems.

    Moore Industries
  • Stonhard Haas Racing Case Study

    Haas CNC Racing chose Stonhard floors for long-term performance. The long-life cycle of a Stonhard floor verses a short-term flooring solution proves environmentally friendly. After all, Stonhard floors save you from trips to the local landfills. Download to find out if you're green with envy...

  • Asset Management for the life sciences industry

    In the heavily regulated life sciences industry, a dynamic regulatory and business climate and increasing global competition drive companies to optimize capital asset performance and seek to minimize operational risk. Asset management solutions directly address these critical concerns by enabling executives to better manage the assets that directly impact business performance, such as manufacturing equipment, precision instruments, warehouse machinery, and computing equipment.

  • Enabling the Reliability Centered Maintenance Process

    Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) is an analytical process used to determine an optimum maintenance strategy for physical assets. It is an advanced maintenance strategy for increasing asset availability by minimizing downtime caused by failures, reducing an asset’s total cost of ownership and increasing overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). This white paper describes the (RCM) process and shows how IBM® Maximo® Asset Management provides essential support at all stages of the RCM process.

  • Understanding the Real Risk For Asset Intensive Industries

    Changes in technology such as service-oriented architecture (SOA) and web-services eliminate the need to compromise operational effectiveness. Platform-oriented strategies of the large enterprise software vendors, and the adoption of standards-based architectures blur the boundaries between what is developed by the large ERP vendors versus those with specific business-critical functions. There are some common misconceptions about the value, capabilities and deployment of ERP solutions in asset-intensive industries that convolute the boardroom level debate. In this white paper, these myths are discussed and demystified so that decision makers in these asset-intensive industries can better understand what the real risk is.

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  • Green Cleaning: The Business Case

    Green cleaning sounds like a great idea in terms of social consciousness. It’s also proven to create a healthier indoor environment for people in the building. But what about the math? How do the short- and long-term costs of a green cleaning program stack up to the hard and soft savings?

  • The Path to Asset Performance & Reliability

    This white paper addresses the journey to achieve asset performance and reliability excellence. This begins with establishing sound fundamentals in terms of business practices, organization effectiveness and well deployed informational tools to support them. From this foundation, proactive steps can be taken to drive performance and reliability to new heights. Engaging in collaborative tactics unleashes the full creativity of the organization leading to continuous improvement.

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