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  • Spacing Requirements for Power Distribution and Terminal Blocks

    It is fairly well understood that if an assembly short circuit current rating above 10,000 amperes is desired, a Power Distribution Block or a Terminal Block with a high short-circuit current rating must be utilized. However, there is great confusion concerning the spacing requirements of these devices. This paper focuses on proper applications, based upon these spacing requirements.

    Cooper Bussmann
  • Design, Operate and Maintain

    Design, Operate, Maintain (DOM) – key concepts in asset management and in industrial maintenance, repair and operation. Industrial facility designers and those who operate and maintain those facilities need to work together closely to improve plant efficiency and business profitability over time.

  • Coriolis meters improve the efficiency of hydrogen production process

    The need for deeper hydrotreating and for the processing of heavier and higher sulfur crude slates is driving the demand for reliable hydrogen and steam availability. This white paper explains how coriolois meters improve the efficiency of the hydrogen production process.

    Micro Motion
  • Streamlining Work Order Processes

    Many have the perception that maintenance employees will spend a large part of their day filling out work orders and entering data. While this perception can become reality, a little careful planning will avoid that problem. Instead of wasted time, you can streamline your work order processes while gaining more accurate and complete data.

  • Perimeter Security: Deter, Detect, Delay, and Deny

    In this era of vulnerability with potential for increased terrorist activity, how can you best guarantee the safety of your facility? Even though we’ve come a long way from the days of castles and moats, the principles of perimeter security are the same: a total response that deters, detects, delays, and denies intruders access to your vital holdings.

    Master Halco
  • Acoustic Properties of Industrial Machinery

    The white paper covers five aspects of unwanted sound: sound generation, measurement and characteristics; environment and system characteristics and their affects; noise tolerance of personnel and equipment, including present regulations and controls; sound level expectations during spin test, load test and field operations, and methods for noise attenuation through gear design.

    Philadelphia Gear
  • Introduction to Lighting Automation

    In recent decades, technological development has increasingly automated lighting control functions and allowed integration of these devices into larger, more flexible systems. The result is significantly expanding energy-saving opportunities, flexibility, reliability and interoperability between devices from different manufacturers.

    Industrial Lighting Controls
  • Hungarian pharma company revamps digital plant architecture

    In this case study, Emerson Process Management helps Gedeon Richter Ltd. in completing a $500,000 PlantWeb digital plant architecture project, an extension to the company’s central tank farm installation, which supplies four plants with solvents.

  • Preparing for industrial wireless

    Plants across the world are increasingly having to make thedecision to implement wireless technology in their industrial facilities. The right decision enables an infrastructure that provides significant benefits from wire savings to improved operations. Wireless is a complex enabling technology that requires many considerations before broad deployment in an industrial facility.

  • The Asset Management Benchmark Report: Moving Toward Zero Downtime

    External market forces, Lean manufacturing strategies, and ever lower tolerances or late deliveries are putting pressure on manufacturers to ensure that facilities and equipment are not only available, but also operating at peak performance.

  • Safety | Safe Motion Technologies: Competitive Advantages for Early Adopters. | Plant Services

    This three-page white paper from Bosch Rexroth explains how intelligent safety systems can increase machine uptime and limit liability. Today's manufacturing engineering organizations are becoming more aware of the strategic value of safety and this paper specifically shows how new motion control technology can keep machine operators and equipment safe in the midst of an industry climate that strongly emphasizes productivity improvements.

    Bosch Rexroth
  • The new case for condition monitoring

    This paper discusses how condition monitoring and condition-based maintenance have become key management strategies to deal with the severe shortage of technical staff.

  • Industrial Security and Compliance

    This 10-page whitepaper from Matrikon talks about each of the areas of concentration for process sucurity in detail--people, processes and technology--as well as the priority of developing a security philosophy which will in turn foster a security culture.

  • Hot designs need a stronger bond

    The success of today’s consumer electronics stands and falls with its design and functionality. Handheld devices increasingly include more features such as hard drives, radios, and digital cameras, with fancier designs incorporating mirrors, aluminum bezels, or steel name plates on the plastic housings. And still, size is everything: the device is getting smaller and smaller, while it should become more rugged.

  • ION Exchange Resin Fouling by Oil

    This short paper from Biomin examines the types of oily waste materials, how each is differently deionized and the costs involved.

  • Industrial Ethernet

    The use of Industrial Ethernet in the manufacturing environment is increasingly becoming a viable way of interconnecting the machines on the plant floor with users in the office, as well as with each other.

    FRABA Incorporated
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