Voices: Strategic Maintenance

Strategic Maintenance is a monthly column from Stanton McGroarty CMfgE CMRP, dealing with technical and organizational insights chosen to help asset managers make the most of their technical and financial opportunities. Topics range from global economics to details of asset adjustment and meeting design, all considered in light of the view from the factory.


Form an OEE team to maintain optimized capacity

Stanton McGroarty says think strategically about bottlenecks.

By J. Stanton McGroarty, CMRP, CMfgE
May 5, 2014

The manufacturing world is edging back from a great recession. Customers are placing larger orders on production facilities that have endured four or five years of limited maintenance and reduced staffing. The next phase is bound to be a strain on production capacity while manufacturers wait for cash flow to provide the resources needed to catch up with the new demand. The managers who decided to deplete finished inventory and denied requests for maintenance and reliability projects won’t remember any of that “ancient history.” All they will be able to see is that they are finally bringing in orders and the products aren’t going out the door fast enough to satisfy customers who have also driven their own inventories down to starvation levels.

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