Voices: Intelligent Building Solutions

Smart buildings for the smart grid

Facility uses 60,000 sensors and meters to achieve energy efficiency, water savings and optimized operations.

By Janette Bombardier, P.E., IBM
Sep 14, 2011

Sixty thousand sensors and meters collecting real-time data and information from the electrical grid, water systems, buildings and central utilities. Data fully integrated into one repository, 10 years of history with constant real-time updates of relevant information. Basic intelligence such as monitoring specifications, integrated systems data providing relationship intelligence between utilities and building performance, predictive intelligence in advance of maintenance issues and advanced analytics predicting peak power with automated power load shed. An organizational culture that mines the data, looks for improved quality and reliability for operational performance, as well as efficiency. While many view this as the art of the possible, IBM’s Vermont manufacturing enterprise has operated this way for a decade, continuously driving measurable operational performance and advanced analytics.

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