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Big Picture Interview is a Q&A series featuring industy thought leaders.

'Oh, wow, look what she did' — Increasing gender equity in manufacturing

In this Big Picture Interview, Amanda Saam explains why she left an industry job for a teaching role.

By Christine LaFave Grace, managing editor
Nov 16, 2018

For our October 2015 cover story (“Facing workforce change”[articles/2015/facing-workforce-change-recruitment-retention-engagement/]), managing editor Christine LaFave Grace interviewed Amanda Saam, then a recent graduate of Somerset (KY) Community College’s Industrial Maintenance Technology program and a new maintenance technician hire at Hitachi. This summer, Saam embarked on a new adventure: She signed on to teach at Owensboro (KY) Community and Technical College (OCTC) as part of a National Science Foundation-funded project to increase gender equity in manufacturing. Saam and Sheri Plain, principal director for the project, talked to LaFave Grace about the effort.

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