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Big Picture Interview is a Q&A series featuring industy thought leaders.

How to win your pitch to managers

In this Big Picture Interview, Thomas Kurtz says know what their expectations are. Know how you’ll respond. And *have numbers.*

By Christine LaFave Grace, managing editor
May 13, 2019

Thomas Kurtz is director of business development at Tulsa, OK-based Noria Corp., which offers lubrication and oil analysis training and services. Kurtz also is a level-two machinery lubrication technician and a level-three machine lubricant analyst (both certifications from the International Council for Machinery Lubrication). In March, he presented at the MARCON conference about how to use a financial opportunity analysis to help build support for a lubrication excellence program. He spoke with managing editor Christine LaFave Grace about further best practices in pitching to management.

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