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Big Picture Interview is a Q&A series featuring industy thought leaders.

IIoT for predictive maintenance?

In this Big Picture Interview, Eitan Vesely says change is coming, but many admit that they’re taking a pragmatic approach to IIoT.

By Chris McNamara, Smart Industry
Dec 11, 2018

A recent study, “The Future of IIoT Predictive Maintenance,” was conducted by Emory University[http://http//www.emory.edu] and Presenso[http://www.presenso.com]. The study was designed to gain the perspective of plant-level employees on issues relating to deployment and the expected impact of IIoT PdM on plant operations. (Download the full report at https://plnt.sv/1812-BPI.) Chris McNamara, content director of our sister publication Smart Industry[http://www.smartindustry.com], sat down for a chat recently with Eitan Vesely, CEO of Presenso, to get his insights on the report findings.

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