Ultraprobe 10,000 Ultrasonic Inspection System

UE Systems Ultraprobe 10,000 is a multi-level digital ultrasonic condition analysis system with on-board sound recording it facilitates ease of data management, sound sampling and data collection.

New additions to the kit include a uniquely configured magnetically mountable wave-guide probe, a uniquely designed wave-guide, and two modes of data storage: directly to the Ultraprobe or through a compact flash card.  Ultratrend DMS data management software provides the ability to produce trend graphs, alarm groups, and detailed reports that can include charts and photographs.  Sound samples are assigned to specific historical records where they are further linked from the data management software, Ultratrend DMS to a spectral analysis software, UE Spectralyzer enabling users to analyze sound samples in either spectral views or time series.  Users can simultaneously observe a spectral or time series screen and hear the sound sample as it plays.

The Ultraprobe 10,000 system consists of two basic components.  The first is a hand-held metered pistol ultrasonic sensing instrument with on-board sound recording and on-board data logging.  The second component includes analytical software that will convert most computers into workstations with comprehensive diagnostic functions including spectral analysis, record keeping, trending and reporting. 

A new battery system provides extended field use for complicated or long inspection routes.

In addition to sound recording and data logging, system features include single-digit digital frequency tuning capability, application-specific software and screen selection for such applications as: bearing inspection/trending, electrical inspection, steam trap testing, valve testing, and leak detection.