SKF Pulse allows users to quickly monitor rotating equipment and machine health

SKF Pulse™ combines an easy-to-use handheld sensor with a new mobile app, allowing users to quickly monitor rotating equipment and machine health to predict issues and improve reliability before operations are impacted. For more advanced analysis, users can request an SKF Pulse Check directly via the app. The request goes to an SKF diagnostics center where experts remotely analyze the machine data and respond with recommended corrective actions to improve equipment performance, if required.

SKF Pulse has an intuitive visual interface that guides users through the data collection process. Users enter asset information that automatically configures alarm thresholds based on ISO standards. Thresholds can also be customized if desired.

The durable SKF Pulse sensor features:

  • Velocity, acceleration and temperature measurement of rotating equipment
  • Bluetooth communication with iOS mobile devices
  • Rugged industrial design – drop test of six feet and water- and dust-resistant (IP65)
  • Rechargeable lithium battery (with eight hours normal usage)

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