Emerson’s Appleton A-51 LED reduces time and expense of retrofitting incandescents

First introduced in 1951, the Appleton A-51 incandescent factory-seal luminaire provided safe illumination to workers in petrochemical processing, wastewater treatment centers, chemical plants and other areas classified as "hazardous" by the National Electrical Code where ignitable vapors, dust, moisture and corrosive environments may be present.

Because it uses the same mounting as the original A-51, the LED version transforms the traditional retrofit process to simply removing the legacy incandescent fixture unit and replacing it with the new LED fixture unit. Appleton's standardized threads fit all A-51 LED fixtures and mounting hoods. In the event the A-51 LED requires maintenance, its "wireless" design allows the fixture unit to be threaded off the mounting hood for fast servicing or immediate exchange with a stand-by replacement.

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