Improve grease lubrication practices with LubeCoach E

AMRRI (Advanced Machine Reliability Resources, Inc.) introduces LubeCoach E, which is an Excel-based (Visual Basic) computer program that can improve lubrication practices and productivity and reduce maintenance costs in any industrial environment. LubeCoach E includes:

  1. A bearing database 
  2. A full array of variables to use for estimating bearing regrease frequencies and volumes
  3. The ability to verify that the selected lubricant is a good choice
  4. A way to tabulate and store results for future reference
  5. Technology and control over lubrication practices at your fingertips

How it works:

Through a series of  drop down menus detailing the bearing data, service factors and lubricant properties, LubeCoach E calculates and delivers the data and results to your screen.  The deliverables are:

  • Bearing required viscosity
  • Actual working viscosity (oil or grease)
  • Grease relubrication frequency
  • Grease relubrication amount (grams or ounces)
  • Verification of the selected lubricant's fitness for use
1602 lubecoach
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Advanced Machine Reliability Resources, Inc.