Emerson releases Asset Management Platform to monitor the performance and health of field assets

Emerson Process Management introduces the AMS ARES Asset Management Platform, providing users a new way to quickly and easily view the performance and health of field assets. Anywhere and anytime, users can securely access and share key data, with asset health summaries available on traditional desktop PCs, laptops, smartphones, and tablets—inside or outside the plant.

The ARES Platform gathers data from multiple sensing technologies, and provides a holistic view of the current health status of plant assets. Persona-based access to information ensures the right personnel have instant access to clear health overviews of assets that are relevant to their plant responsibility. A streamlined dashboard and embedded tools for assigning prioritization based on criticality allow users to determine quickly the urgency of an issue, enabling faster workflows to increase plant performance.

The ARES Platform delivers information based on responsibility so that each person sees only pertinent data. Taking advantage of OPC UA open architecture, the ARES Platform gives users the potential for HMI and historian connectivity and access to business intelligence and reporting tools that can make asset health part of the business dashboard.

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