ABB introduces its new, customizable drives Remote Condition Monitoring service

ABB introduces its new, customizable drives Remote Condition Monitoring service. This service helps in predictive maintenance planning by utilizing remote data. It includes an expert analysis report on the drive’s condition and proactive e-mail alerts regarding potential faults or limited availability, ensuring that equipment is available, reliable and maintainable. 

In industries in which equipment downtime is extremely costly, new solutions are needed to assess future risks. Since drive performance data is readily available, making use of this information to find out how equipment operates and why it could fail can let users maximize drive performance and extend its lifetime ABB’s Remote Condition Monitoring goes a step further by using remote data to identify early signs of possible system failures or production problems.  

After the monitoring need has been assessed, an ABB expert will discuss the set up that is most relevant to the user’s objectives. Services can be tailored to meet specific needs.

Once a personal account has been created on the myABB Customer Portal, users will be able to monitor live data such as availability, condition, operating parameters and fault events on their laptops, desktops and mobile devices. Customized performance reports with clear charts and graphs can also be generated.

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