Martech introduces Model 50-WB Waterborne breathable air combo system

As the use of waterborne paints becomes more popular and in some areas, required, the need for clean and dry compressed sprayable air is a critical component. The need for the proper filtration to remove moisture, oil vapors, gaseous hydrocarbons, dirt, rust, scale, and other potentially dangerous contaminants is the minimum at best. Then if the dew point and relative humidity can be drastically lowered, you can create a quality of spray air necessary to properly apply today's waterborne paint products.

The convenience of having a solution to comply with OSHA regulations for proper air supplied respiratory protection, and delivering Ultra Clean & Ultra Dry Air from a single system, is cost effective and efficient. The Model 50-WB can process up to 50 SCFM of Breathable Air or 35 SCFM of Ultra Clean & Ultra Dry Air, or any combination within those parameters.

The Model 50-WB is designed to work with your existing compressed air source to properly filter and monitor the compressed air for Grade "D" Breathable Air, plus this system also provides Ultra Clean & Ultra Dry Air for use in spraying waterborne or solvent based paints.

This system can handle up to two painters at the same time. The Model 50-WB is a 50 SCFM system, and is also available in an 80 SCFM system.

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