TabWare Technician enables users to perform work activities while in the field

Accessible on any device, TabWare Technician streamlines work processes by enabling users to perform all work activities while “in the field.” By supporting all aspects of the work process, including labor times, part issues, meter reading updates, electronic checklists, inspection points and the ability to attach and view pictures, files or other supporting documentation, TabWare Technician improves data accuracy with point-of-execution data capturing capabilities. Work Order (WO) action items and statuses are updated and available in TabWare for further processing and analysis, providing complete, real-time visibility into maintenance progress.

Maintenance technicians are able to view WO details, charge time, issue parts, enter notes and failure codes and complete the job on any device. TabWare Technician also supports Inspection Points and Calibrations by featuring electronic checklists that are user configurable with checkboxes, free text fields, valid values drop down lists and numeric value fields, as well as high and low tolerances and automatics pass/fail inspections when tolerances exceed a desired state. For Calibrations, test equipment or instruments can be a required selection based on valid certification dates. With user configurable columns and required entries, technicians can easily document “as found” and “as left” conditions to support unlimited inspection types and calibration documentation.

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