AutomationDirect's Contrinex YCA 50-series safety light curtains are designed for improved safety

AutomationDirect's safety products offering now includes access control barriers and accessories for body protection. The Contrinex YCA 50-series safety light curtains are active optoelectronic protective devices designed for protection and safety when machine design and process are inadequate and open access might be required during operation.

The 24VDC YCA-50 series is available with either a 300 or 400 mm beam gap, as well as configurable operating distances of 1-15 and 10-50 meters; protective heights range from 832 mm to 1,232 mm. Fitted with an M12 quick-disconnect, the series features dual PNP outputs. Safety light curtains have Type 4 and Cat 4 PLe safety ratings and are IP65 and IP67 rated.

The YXC-series light curtain mirror columns are also available. Mirror columns deflect light curtains or access control barriers to provide multi-sided safeguarding of danger zones. Designed with a robust protective profile, they are impact resistant and built with a spring return in case of accidental contact. Available mirror lengths are 1,060mm to 1,874mm. Additionally, a class 2 laser alignment tool with a range up to 50 meters is available.

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