DVR Technology Developments has introduced the Digital Variable Reluctance Smart Motor

DVR Technology Developments has introduced the Digital Variable Reluctance Smart Motor. The DVR Smart Motor is designed to replace AC or DC motors for a variety of applications in manufacturing, building maintenance and agriculture. Its many applications include fluid handling and motion control, as well as shop tools and consumer appliances.

As a “smart” switch reluctance motor, the DVR Smart Motor has proprietary technology that allows the motor to merge with the application. Key features include:

  • Smart Technology – The DVR Motor’s Smart Technology includes a micro-processor and software that constantly monitors conditions for abnormality and load condition requirements, adjusting power extraction according to the load. This can produce up to a 50 percent energy savings over a conventional AC motor. This technology also allows the motor to save and store speed information on different settings and switch from one to another immediately, with the single press of a button.
  • Machine to Human or Machine Intelligent Control – The DVR technology allows the motor to communicate with Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs) and other machines to adjust its behavior. Italso can source information from the smart grid. Key technology components include customizable HMI, Wireless Remote, USB compatibility, 10 I/O Sensors and the HMI Software.
  • Detect Power Source – With Smart Technologythe motor can also detect the input power source, giving the DVR Smart Motor the ability to operate at a variety of different voltages (100v to 240v) without modifications.
  • Extensive Speed Range – A key advantage of the DVR Smart Motor is its wide speed range. It has the capability to handle speeds from as little as 50 rpm, right through to 100,000 rpm, all in a versatile, compact package (an AC motor with inverter is only optimized at 1,500 rpm). In addition, it has the ability to function as a stepper motor.
  • Robust Construction and Longevity – The motor has no brushes, permanent magnets, or electrical connections to moving parts, and no current flow in the rotor, meaning less wear and a much longer life than an AC or DC motor. It also has the ability to turn onor off with no power spike, providing a low voltage start and no wear on the motor.
  • Electro Magnetic Boost Technology – This feature allows the DVR Smart Motor to produce the highest torque at the lowest speed and has a flatter torque curve over a wide range of speeds than an AC motor, as torque is not dependenton speed. This unique characteristic means that the DVR Smart Motor can be mounted directly to theoutput shaft (direct drive), which allows it to achieve better output by eliminating the 20 percent of power lost in traditional gears/belts and pulley drive systems on an AC motor. 
  • Safety Technology – Because the micro-processor is constantly monitoring the motor, in case of a sudden spindle lock or unexpected sharp increase in load, the motor will shut down power to the spindle to avoid any injury if the program parameters have been set accordingly. This shut down can be done without any damage to the parts because the micro-processor knows the exact spindle position.
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