Yokogawa's Plant Resource Manager centrally manages field device information

Yokogawa Electric Corporation's Plant Resource Manager (PRM) is a software package designed to manage data from plant monitoring and control devices and manufacturing equipment. With PRM, users can monitor the status of their devices and perform online diagnosis via a network. In addition, PRM is made to centrally manage database ledgers for individual devices as well as device maintenance information that can be accessed by maintenance staff.

Equipment failures and problems in multiple devices can be displayed with PRM R3.12. With PRM R3.12, self-diagnostic information is displayed in a format based on the NAMUR NE107 recommendations, and network functions have been enhanced for upstream oil and gas applications. The NAMUR NE107-compliant symbols focus on the four primary device diagnostic categories, namely, failure, check function, out of specification, and maintenance required. R3.12 is engineered to make clear what kind of response is required.

PRM is designed to offer enhanced network functionality, including support of wireless and satellite communications for upstream oil and gas applications. The network function has been expanded to incorporate support for narrow-band wireless and satellite communications. Consequently, PRM installed at a central control facility are made to have improved connectivity with the ProSafe-RS safety instrumented systems that perform monitoring and control functions at widely distributed remote sites such as wellheads and pipeline pump stations.

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