Weidmuller's u-remote improves machine performance and productivity

Weidmuller's “u-remote” is designed to deliver a streamlined design while providing features such as hot-swappable slices, an integrated web server interface and plug-in connections. The u-remote is an IP20 platform that is built to ensure faster installation and setup, and designed to improve machine performance and productivity. Using Weidmuller’s Push-In wire technology, each point is illuminated with LED status indication. The card slices are made to be hot-swappable and can be installed, updated and removed without the need for tools.

An integrated web server is engineered to speed up installation and provides real time network access to the 64 I/O slices/cards connected to a single field bus coupler. The field bus couplers include ProfiNet, EtherCat, Modbus TCP, Ethernet TCP/IP and more for integration into existing plant/machine networks. The system bus is constructed to provide electronic performance and works with as many as 256 DI/DOs in just 20 μs.

Weidmuller uremote RemoteIO
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