VibrAlign's Fixturlaser EVO Laser Shaft alignment tool features a compact handheld display and slim sensors

Elos Fixturlaser has developed a new shaft alignment tool, the Fixturlaser EVO, which features a form factor, a user interface, and a proprietary alignment methodology, Verti-Zontal Compound Moves, designed to allow shaft alignments to be performed in just one or two moves. The Verti-Zontal method was made to require no re-measurements between the vertical and horizontal adjustments. The horizontal adjustment is carried out while guided by real values displayed on-screen during the entire process.

The Fixturlaser EVO is an all-digital wireless shaft alignment tool with built-in Bluetooth connecting the dual sensors and the display unit. The sensors are each fitted with a 30 mm CCD detector that is made to give the user measurement accuracy and precision regardless of ambient light.

The display unit itself is fitted with a 5” color touch screen, engineered to be handled in tight spaces. It has a color-coded graphical user interface that guides the maintenance professional through the measurement and alignment process.

The Fixturlaser EVO offers routines to align both horizontally and vertically mounted machines, along with a set of utilities, including the Feetlock function that is useful in base/bolt-bound machine situations. Another feature is Screen Flip. It enables the aligner to see the machine set-up from the actual view that he has of the machine.

VibrAlign Fixturlaser EVO Laser Shaft
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