Toyota Material Handling's Stand-Up Rider forklifts are built to support operator comfort on the job

Toyota Material Handling's 8-Series Electric Stand-Up Rider Counterbalance forklifts are made in 3,000 to 4,000 lb. lifting capacities. The line is built to be rugged and durable, as well as designed to provide technological and ergonomic enhancements that improve performance and increase operator comfort.

The new 8-Series Electric Stand-Up Rider is made to feature Toyota’s AC technology. The forklifts are made for use in general warehouse and storage operations, automotive and general manufacturing, and all operations needing a dock-to-stock solution for multi-tasking functions and constant on and off for loading and unloading.

The new 8-Series Electric Stand-Up Rider is built to operate using Toyota’s industry-leading AC drive and lift system, which is designed to conserve or regenerate power, maximizing performance efficiency between battery charges. The AC-powered system is made to deliver quicker acceleration and higher top speeds, while also offering precise pallet retrieval and positioning control. In addition, the AC motor is designed to contain no brushes, springs, commutator or wearable parts to inspect or replace.

A number of features on the 8-Series Stand-Up Rider are designed to exceed the demands of tough workplace environments and improve overall productivity. Dual steer tires are made to improve weight distribution to reduce tire loading pressure by approximately 30% and help provide longer tire life. Moisture-resistant electrical connections are built to protect the Stand-Up Rider against water intrusion and corrosion. Large diameter drive tires are designed to enable the forklift to withstand continuous impact between dock plates. A cornering speed control system is constructed to automatically slow the forklift’s travel speed while turning helping prevent damage to loads. In addition, the 8-Series Stand-Up Rider’s mast tilt centering option is made to level the fork's parallel to the ground from both the back tilt and front tilt positions. An optional 16.5-inch battery compartment on the 3,000 and 3,500 lb. models is designed to increase maneuverability in tight, confined work areas.

The new 8-Series Stand-Up Rider is built to offer ergonomic features to support operator comfort on the job. The new model is constructed to include a shock dampening, isolated compartment floor and thicker floor mat with a universal low-effort brake pedal made to reduce strain on the operator’s ankles, knees, hips and lower back. The Stand-Up Rider is built with a redesigned backrest and armrest with a larger elbow pad for operator comfort. For tall operators an optional extended backrest adds 10” of additional support. Engineers also designed a new single-axis, intuitively mapped multifunctional control handle to allow one-handed operation of all hydraulic functions. Detailed features such as an integrated clipboard, amenity tray and cup holder also are made to provide a convenient, easy-to-reach mobile workstation.

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