Thomson Industries' Lifting Columns are designed for a high load capacity without compromise on speed of operation

Thomson Industries, Inc.'s Lifting Columns are produced to offer compact, telescopic motion pre-aligned motion solutions. The LC Series are built to require no maintenance throughout their lifetime. Thomson Lifting Columns are made to be self-supporting and are designed for rapid installation and maintenance-free operation. The compact form of the lifting columns are designed to help optimize machine design and reduce overall costs associated with production.

The Lifting Columns consist of anodized extruded aluminum profiles, which slide into each other. The LC Series was designed to provide a high moment load capacity without compromise on speed of operation along with a large lift capacity to frame size ratio. They are also made to have the ability to link multiple units together.

Thomson Lifting Columns are available in three model variations, which provide different performance in extension to retraction ratio, load capacity, speed and cost to best match application needs. The lifting columns can also be customized to meet specific customer requirements.

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