Stem Shield is made to take less than 20 seconds to apply

The Stem Shield is designed to be a cylinder shaped safety cover for rising-stem valves. The cover is built to slide over the exposed stem and attach with a stainless steel coated cable. This process is made to take less than 20 seconds to apply. Once the Stem Shield is on the valve stem it is constructed to stay in place. This application process is designed to never have to be repeated during the Stem Shields life span. The Stem Shield has a life span of 8-10 years.

Safety Features are made to include:

  • Highly visible safety colors
  • Creating worker awareness of potential hazards
  • Eliminating cuts, bruises, broken bones, gouges, concussions, dislocated shoulders, etc. 
  • Eliminating the chance of fatal impalement
  • Eliminating slips, trips and falls from leaking valves
  • Eliminating torn FRC's from a valve stem

Maintenance Features are designed to:

  • Cut down on lubrication cost
  • Protect the valve stem from the elements and debris
  • Protect the valve stem from over spray 
  • Protect the valve stem from corrosion 
  • Protect the valve stem yoke from contamination
  • Ensure operational reliability
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