SSI Schaefer's Euro Light containers are lightweight and sturdy

SSI Schaefer introduced the Euro Light (ELB) line of containers, which feature the design and use-flexibility of containers utilized for storage and picking operations. This all-round container line, designed for everyday use, is unusually light – on the average 46 percent lighter than similar size traditional containers – and yet sturdy, matching the strength of contemporary containers.

Less container weight means more weight can be applied to the payload. When containers are being handled manually, with a maximum weight of 33 pounds, the ELB containers will allow another almost 10 percent of weight to be added to the payload.

The Euro Light containers are available in 5 sizes: 12” x 16” in 5” and 9” heights; and 16” x 24” in 5”, 9” and 13” heights.

Three different base designs on the ELB containers are all conveyable and allow for loads from 60 to 110 pounds:

The ELB container series has the capability of adding dust covers, hinged lids and sealable lids, a feature containers moving in this economic price range rarely provide. These lids close to be dust-tight and sealable. They can be easily attached or detached as needed. The containers can also be stacked with the lids fitted.

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