Smartware Group's Bigfoot CMMS Enterprise+ is created to have a host of cutting-edge features

Smartware Group's Bigfoot CMMS Enterprise+ is designed for multi-site environments with more complex requirements. The maintenance management solution is constructed with a number of new features across both editions. The user interface is made to match how users view, scan, and interact with computer screens of any size, including smartphones, tablets, and iPads. The design of Bigfoot CMMS’ user interface is constucted to allow users to access all functions by scrolling down a single page. This design is created to increase a user’s efficiency.

Both Bigfoot Enterprise and Enterprise+ are made to model a maintenance department’s work flow and reduce the number of keystrokes and clicks needed for entering equipment data, creating work orders, generating a preventive maintenance (PM) calendar, and managing spare parts inventory.

The Bigfoot design is created to have a host of cutting-edge features. Location-based work orders are made to give users the ability to manage work orders by both an asset and a site. The design also is made so users can tap into a new parts inventory to show one part in multiple locations and the quantity of each on hand at each location. Document management has been designed so users can set up an asset maintenance media library and create files for spreadsheets, illustrations, videos, and other applications. It is also created so users can shut down a specific site for a set period of time.

Bigfoot CMMS Enterprise and Enterprise+ also are made to enable users to enter asset data with the same nomenclature their organization uses to refer to specialized equipment. The new Enterprise+ is designed so users can preset data views to check on corrective and preventive maintenance alerts, and toggle back and forth between these views without having to customize the program. Other new configuration capabilities are constructed to include the user creation of drop-down lists of specific fields for work orders.

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