Serco's ATEC HVLS fan increases airflow with less energy consumption

Serco's ATEC HVLS fan features design elements to distribute more air with less energy consumption.

The Serco Advanced Technology for Environmental Control (ATEC) HVLS fan optimizes five-blade profiles which translate to greater airflow while conserving energy consumption. The ATEC’s refined airfoil shape results in less drag, which equates to greater circulation.

Serco's ATEC produces a cylindrical column of air that flows down to the floor and outward in all directions, creating a horizontal floor jet that circulates air in large spaces. This “horizontal floor jet” pushes air a greater distance before it is pulled back vertically toward the blades. The greater the down flow, the greater the air circulation. In the colder months, fans can be run in reverse to circulate the hot air trapped at ceiling level, known as “destratification”.

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