Schneider Electric's Modicon M580 Ethernet PAC uses open Ethernet standards

The Modicon M580 Ethernet PAC (ePAC) is an automation controller that uses open Ethernet standards to enable a new level of process efficiency and flexibility, while ensuring the highest level of cybersecurity through its Achilles Level 2 Certification. This automation controller is a key component of PlantStruxure, Schneider Electric's integrated automation architecture. The M580 ePAC gives industrial plant operators the power to design, implement, and run a process that actively employs the benefits of open networking, helping customers:

  • Access consistent and accurate data for timely decisions
  • Reduce downtime with detailed insight into alarms and events
  • Rapidly diagnose and identify root causes of issues
  • Make informed decisions about plant operations and energy management

Upgrading to the M580 ePAC is possible without additional investment in wiring, software development, or training. The M580 ePAC extends the capbilities of the Modicon X80 modules initially introduced with the M340 PAC. The M580 ePAC is also compatible with the xBus communications of the Modicon M340 and Premium PLC. Users can easily switch between the different controller sizes in the Modicon range without changing their I/O racks and cabling.

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