Schneider Electric introduces circuit protection and contactors and starters

Schneider Electric introduces two new additions to its line of circuit protection and contactors and starters products: The QO and HomeLine 2-Pole Combination Arc Fault Interrupters (CAFI) for residential applications and the Open TeSys N Contactors and Starters for commercial applications.

The 2-Pole CAFI Circuit Breakers can minimize installation time and save on material costs, by reducing the number of runs and the number of wires needed. In shared-neutral installations, two 120 V circuits are fed from a single 2-Pole Circuit Breaker. Instead of running two separate 2-wire home runs, the 2-Pole CAFI allows electrical installers to run a single 3-wire run. Additionally, Schneider Electric equips all Square D CAFI circuit breakers, including the new QO and HomeLine 2-Pole CAFI circuit breakers, with the Time Saver Diagnostics indication feature. Time Saver Diagnostics provides additional circuit information at the touch of a button and can reduce troubleshooting by identifying the type of fault that has occurred.

The Open TeSys N Contactors and Starters are designed for NEMA applications and feature a shared platform with IEC products. Combining the compactness of IEC motor control technologies with the robustness and familiar application sizing of NEMA products, the Open TeSys N offers a DC control voltage (24 Vdc) in NEMA contactors and starters for the first time and uses common TeSys accessories that enables customers to reduce inventory complexity and carrying costs.

Schneider Electric
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