Royal Purple's new line of lubricants includes Syndraulic, Synergy, CMT and Ultra-Performance Grease

Royal Purple’s complete line of industrial lubricants and fluids have been designed to extend the life of production equipment, and also reduce the frequency of maintenance needed. Synslide is built to offer performance advantages and protection against boundary lubrication – lubrication between two rubbing surfaces without development of a full-fluid lubricating film.

Syndraulic is designed to be a clean, long life hydraulic oil with film strength and wear protection properties that help to restore normal operation to erratically operating hydraulic systems. It is formulated to increase both the life of the oil and the seals, filters and pumps of hydraulic systems. Syndraulic’s oil film forms an ionic bond on metal surfaces. This film is made to protect during operation and acts as preservative oil during shutdown, and also provide lubrication on startup to prevent wear.

Synergy ­is built to be an extreme pressure (EP) gear oil, and is ideal for service in pressure pumping. It is designed to operate under the stresses pumps are subjected to when injecting drilling fluid into boreholes on today’s drilling rigs. Synergy is constructed to lubricate machinery gears, providing protection under many conditions found in pumping. Synergy’s solvency is made to keep gear boxes clean and extend oil drain intervals.

CMT, Royal Purple’s manual transmission fluid, is designed to meet and exceed Caterpillar TO-4 requirements. It is engineered to provide a low coefficient of friction and high film strength for heat reduction, wear and corrosion protection. Using a blend of premium mineral and synthetic lubricants, CMT was created to provide low temperature fluidity for cold weather starting, while at the same time eliminating excessive brake noise and preventing clutch slippage.

Ultra-Performance Grease is made to be a multi-service, aluminum complex, synthetic grease that serves a range of general purpose requirements including bearing packing and coupling lubrication. Created using a blend of synthetic base oils, plus Royal Purple’s proprietary additive package Synslide, UPG is engineered for extreme pressure capabilities and is made to exhibit water resistance to emulsion and washout. This same chemistry also means UPG is built to be effective across a spectrum of operating temperatures. UPG is designed to be pumped at low temperatures, is stable at high temperatures and is constructed to have oxidation resistance.

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