Rockwell Automation's Circuit Breakers provide branch-circuit, supplemental and ground-leakage protection

Rockwell Automation's new line of circuit breakers are designed to meet global certifications, including CE, CSA, CE and CCC. All products are made to be RoHS compliant and feature a reduction in materials that are hazardous to the environment. A significant number of products are also made to be IEC compliant.

The Allen-Bradley Bulletin 140G molded-case circuit breakers are designed to protect against overload, short circuit and ground-fault conditions. Eight frame sizes span a current range of 15 to 3,000 A and voltage range of 200 to 690V. All frame sizes are available in three- and four-pole versions. The line features increased short-circuit protection with coordination available for motors from 0.1 to 630 kW, fault currents up to 150 kA, and operational voltages up to 690V. The Bulletin 140G circuit breakers are constructed to enable quicker clearing of higher-level faults at higher voltage. The modular design is built to add installation flexibility with a full range of operators, from motor and rotary to flange operators. The interrupting capacity from 25 to 150 kA is designed to allow a single unit to address multiple applications, which helps reduce product stocking. The extended line of flexible accessories includes auxiliary and trip-unit alarm contacts, wiring terminations, and electronic trip units from 20 to 3,000 A, is built to allow the product to meet the requirements of applications on a global basis.

The Allen-Bradley family of miniature circuit breakers is designed to provide branch-circuit, supplemental and ground-leakage protection. This expanded portfolio for control circuit and load protection is IP20 finger safe, is made to offer a wide array of available accessories and feature a versatile dual-cage terminal design. The Allen Bradley Bulletin 1489-M and Bulletin 1492-SPM circuit breakers are rated for 0.5 to 63 A, and available globally to machine builders. All are designed to offer reversible line and load connections. The Bulletin 1489-M miniature circuit breaker are constructed to provide branch-circuit protection with current limiting and is made to be suitable for extreme conditions. The Bulletin 1492-SPM miniature circuit breaker are also made to protect equipment, systems and cables by quick disconnection. The Bulletin 1492-RCDA miniature circuit breaker is built to detect and interrupt earth leakage for equipment protection.

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