R&D’s flexible coupling is designed to protect your drive-train

R&D’s flexible coupling fits between the transmission output flange and the shaft coupling and is designed to protect your drive-train. The unit is built to reduce vibration, compensate for some misalignment, isolate the shaft, and absorb shock loads.

The disc is machined from polyurethane that allows the unit to flex – absorbing vibrations and temporary misalignment of the shaft and engine due to movement of the engine or flexing in the vessel’s structure. The polyurethane disc is backed up by two metal compression straps, one on either side of the flexible coupling.  These metal straps hold the system in constant compression whether the drive train is in forward or reverse.

The R&D flexible coupling is also designed to absorb shock loads resulting from gear changes, or the propeller striking a submerged object. The polyurethane disc will distort with light shock loads and is designed to be sacrificial in the event of severe shock load, saving on expensive drive-train repairs. If the disc is destroyed from massive shock load, the metal compression straps keep the coupling intact ensuring that the drive system is still functional in both forward and reverse.

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