Patlite’s LED Light Bar is designed to consume only 6W of power at just 180 mA current

Patlite’s CWA LED Light Bar is designed to be a solution for interior industrial task lighting. At the core of the CWA are LED chips that are engineered to offer nearly 9X the lifespan (about 40,000 hours based on LED brightness of 70%). Additionally, the CWA is built to use roughly 83% less energy and produce 31% less heat.

The CWA light bar fixture is constructed to be IP65-rated and vibration-resistant to perform in most industrial indoor settings including machining centers, work benches, assembly and storage areas, and more. The LED optics are made to produce a natural daylight color light, providing 100 lux at 1 meter and a total luminous flux of 350 lumens. Operating on 24 VDC, this energy-efficient LED is designed to consume only 6W of power at just 180 mA current. The light’s profile is 300 mm long (overall length of 315 mm) and 38.4 mm wide by 27.4 mm high. Installation requires two snap-on clip mount brackets.

PATLITE300mm Light Bar
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