Oil Filtration Systems' portable filtration equipment removes contaminants from industrial oils

Oil Filtration Systems has a new line of portable filtration equipment for hydraulic and lube oils. These filter carts can be used for fill or kidney loop filtration of hydraulic and lube oil systems, including gearboxes. Additional common applications include the purification of EHC fluids (including FYRQUEL phosphate ester), PAG / PAO and synthetic oils, coolants and water glycols. Other uses include the filtration of diesel fuel and heavy fuel oil (HFO), transformer and compressor oils.

These filter carts are made to remove four types of contaminants from industrial oils. Pleated microglass filter elements are constructed to remove particulates, and are engineered to achieve particle counts as low as ISO 14/13/11. Water is designed to be removed by absorptive elements. Fullers Earth or Activated Alumina cartridges are constructed to remove and neutralize acids and lower the TAN (Total Acid Number) and improve oil color. Granular absorbent media cartridges or depth media filters, depending on the oil temperature, are also devised to eliminate varnish.

Oil Filtration Systems manufactures carts and skids with capacities ranging from 3 GPM (680 L/Hour) to 15 GPM (3,400 L/Hour). Low viscosity systems are available for light hydraulic and lube oils, ISO 32 - ISO 100. High viscosity systems with special pump motor packages and filter housings are available for gear oils, ISO 150 – ISO 680.

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