NK Technologies' ATS Series AC Current Sensors are built to produce an accurate and stable signal

NK Technologies' ATS Series AC Current Sensors are designed to combine a current operated switch and transducer. It is built with a digital display that is made to provide a visual indication of where the contact changes. These sensors are designed to provide a solid-state contact that changes state when the current exceeds an adjustable level or falls below the normal running current.

The factory set analog output calibration is built to produce an accurate and stable signal by eliminating field zero and span adjustments. The trip point is made to be adjustable from 2% to 100% of the analog range, and designed to be verified by viewing the LCD display on the sensor. Any adjustments made by unauthorized personnel will be displayed.

ATS sensors are made for a wide range of industrial applications, including conveyor jam and overload protection, multiple conveyor section interlocking; pump control monitoring and shut down in the even of current rise beyond setpoint, cooling tower monitoring for time-of-use and clogged filter detection; grinder time-of-use and estimated power consumption monitoring, starter coil monitoring and machine shut down if an overload occurs.

ATS transducer/switch models are constructed to provide a N.O. or N.C. solid-state switch to control circuits up to 240 VAC. Compatible with most automation systems, ATS models are designed to be available with a choice of 4-20 mA, 0-5 VDC or 0-10 VDC output. Each output is made to offer a range that is proportional to either 0-50 A or 0-200 A.

NKT523 ATS Current Sensor
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