NK Technologies' APT Series Power Transducers can be configured to accept 5 A secondary current transformers

NK Technologies' APT Series Power Transducers are built to measure three phases of current and voltage and produce an industry standard analog signal proportional to the watts used. The monitor uses current transformers to measure the amperes, and the line voltage connects directly to the transducer, up to 600 VAC.

By comparing the instantaneous current flow with the circuit voltage, the power factor, whether leading or lagging, allows the APT transducer to produce a signal directly proportional to the wattage used. The APT power transducer is engineered to be configured to accept 5 A secondary current transformers, or NK Technologies’ ProteCT low voltage output sensors. Either type of current sensing is designed to produce an accurate output signal to help identify areas of excessive energy consumption and allow intervention to reduce demand.

APT Power Transducers are externally powered and offer 4-20 mA, 0-5 VDC or 0-10 VDC output. They are housed in a compact DIN mounted case with a low profile that reduces the need for large cabinet depth requirements. Their finger safe terminals are clearly labeled for quick installation.

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