NewAge Industries' Vardex PVC hose is designed with wire reinforcement to resist kinking, crushing, and collapse

NewAge Industries' Vardex PVC hose is designed for fluid or air transfer. Made of clear, chemical-resistant PVC and reinforced with spiral steel wire, Vardex is made to handle both pressure and vacuum. Applications of the hose are engineered to include chemical transfer, air supply, coolant feeds, floor cleaning equipment, material handling, water feeds and discharge, vacuum lines, spray systems, and food and beverage supply lines.

Vardex is designed to combine multiple properties of PVC — resistance to corrosion and abrasion, clarity, rubber-like flexibility, and flow characteristics — with the strength of steel. The wire reinforcement is constructed to allow the hose to resist kinking, crushing, and collapse, even at full vacuum (29.9 in./Hg.). Vardex is made to offer a bend radius approximately four times the hose I.D. The ingredients used in Vardex are designed to be non-toxic and conform to FDA standards.

With Vardex’s proprietary construction, the spiral steel supporting wire is encased within the tubing and is made to avoid contact with the inside or outside of the hose. It is made to have a smooth inner surface for maximum flow and be lighter than a rubber hose. Vardex is stocked in nine sizes from 1/4” to 2” I.D. Fabricated hose assemblies with permanently crimped-on fittings are available, along with a variety of other fittings and clamps in both plastic and metal.

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