Moore Industries’ 535 ¼ DIN PID Process Controller has a sampling rate of ten times per second

The Moore Industries’ Model 535 Process ¼ DIN PID Process Controller is designed to control any process variable (temperature, pressure, flow, level, etc.) in batch and continuous processes.

With a sampling rate of ten times per second, the 535’s universal process input and modular, field interchangeable outputs are designed for improved flexibility. Equipped with an RS-485 serial communications interface, the 535 offers control algorithms, including the Powertune family of tuning algorithms.

The Powertune family includes three versions of tuning: Pretune, Powerback and Adaptive Tuning. Pretune enables the controller to automatically learn the process and will self-set the PID (Proportional, Integral and Derivative) tuning parameters that will be used to control the process. Powerback is used when the process cannot tolerate any overshooting of set point.

The Adaptive Tune tuning algorithm allows the controller to continually watch and monitor the process looking for load variances within the process. When such variances take place that do not allow the initial PID values to properly control the process, the 535 controller uses its Adaptive Tuning feature to reconfigure the PID values to match the current process load and response times. 

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