Megger's MRCT test set is designed for electromechanical relays

Compact, readily portable and exceptionally versatile, Megger’s new MRCT test set combines patented current transformer (CT) test technology that delivers industry-leading test times with optional functionality for testing electromechanical, solid-state and microprocessor-based protection relays. The MRCT can be supplied for use with the Megger STVI touch-screen interface, which has a large high-resolution color display, or with a standard laptop running PowerDB software.

A key feature of the MRCT is that, when it is used for testing multi-ratio CTs, it connects directly to all taps; the need for lead changes during testing is completely eliminated. All tests – saturation, ratio and polarity, winding resistance and insulation resistance – are performed automatically on all taps at the push of a button.

As an option, the MRCT test set can be configured to include the functionality needed for testing of most commonly used types of protection relay. When used in this way, the instrument offers a current channel rated at up to 30 A at 200 VA continuous and up to 60 A at 300 VA for short periods. The current channel has a unique flat power curve from 4 A to 30 A, ensuring that it can deliver maximum compliance voltage to the load under all conditions.

The voltage channel of the MRCT can provide a variable output of 0 to 30/150/300 V at 150 VA. It has a flat power curve from 30 V to 150 V, enabling it to deliver maximum power to the load at all times. Users can also configure the voltage channel as a second current channel, to allow the testing of differential relays.


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