Lewis Environmental Services' Enviro-Clean Process is made to recover heavy metals from groundwater

Lewis Environmental Services' Enviro-Clean Process is designed to recover heavy metals such as chromium, copper, zinc, lead, cadmium, mercury, nickel, silver, and manganese from groundwater, process and waste streams. This two-step process is built to combine proprietary treated filter media and electrolytic metal recovery to recycle the effluent and produce a saleable metal product. No waste is generated on-site. The system is constructed to treat single as well as multi-component metal bearing streams from 5 to 1000 gpm.

System options include computer control and internet access with PLC. Operations involving electroplating, computer manufacturing, tin mills, galvanizing, photographic film, aerospace, acid mine drainage and ground water remediation all generate flows by which the Enviro-Clean Process is meant to recover metals.

LewisEnvironmentalServices Envirocleanprocess
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