LEDtronics' EXLT6-4 Series LED Exit Light Bulbs provide long-lasting power efficiency

LEDtronics' EXLT6-4 Series LED Exit Light Bulbs present an alternative to conventional T6 incandescent exit-sign tube bulbs. Brighter, longer lasting, power-efficient and maintenance-free, the EXLT6-4 Series of exit-sign bulbs are engineered to offer a sensible choice when it comes to replacing incandescent bulbs.

The EXLT6-4 Series T6 tube bulbs are available in either 4200K Natural White, 633nm Super Red, or 514nm Aqua Green LED light colors. These LED T6 tube bulbs are designed to replace single- or double-sided exit sign fixtures, picture lights or as omni-directional lighting, accent lighting, indicator lighting or as decorative lighting.

Because LEDs have no filament, their solid-state design renders them impervious to shock, vibration, frequent switching and environmental extremes. With an average lifespan of more than 50,000 hours (5.7-plus years) for white LED or over 100,000 hours with colored LEDs, these durable LED bulbs operate more than 20 times longer than the equivalent incandescent bulb. LED lamps produce almost no heat, and use up to 90% less operating power than equivalent filament-based bulbs, making them as friendly to the environment as they are to the operating budget.

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