Hubbell Industrial Lighting’s LunaBay Series LED Highbay combines low glare light and energy efficiency

Hubbell Industrial Lighting’s LunaBay Series LED Highbay is designed to deliver a combination of low glare light, energy efficiency, and long life. The LunaBay is constructed to deliver up to 12,326 lumens at 95 lumens per watt of 5000K CCT light. Powered by four universal 120v to 277v LED drivers, the fixture’s optical system is built to mix the light of all 56 LEDs to produce correct color and low glare illumination, with the total system’s wattage at 125 watts.

The 22” reflector on the LunaBay is available in both translucent white and crystal clear, both made to deliver a pleasant glow and low glare with strong up light. The extruded aluminum thermal chimney of the sleek highbay is designed to allow it to operate in -40°C to 40°C ambient environments.

The top cylinder of the LunaBay can be painted any of seven colors to match interior accents including: black, bronze, white, grey, platinum silver, red, forest green, and custom colors. Options include Hubbell Lighting’s plug and play wireless wiHUBB system, on/off control, wire guard, and either 50% or no light output when dimmed.

Hubbell Industrial Lighting LunaBay Series LED Highbay
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