Thomas & Betts' XFM and DFP Hazlux Linear Fluorescent Lighting is made to provide greater balance for ease of installation

The Hazlux line of hazardous location lighting from Thomas & Betts now includes the new XFM and DFP Series linear fluorescent fixtures, which both are designed to provide installation at various angles. The XFM Series, designed for explosive atmosphere locations, features five different ½-inch NPT hub entries on each end and provides installers with options for various lighting angles. The DFP Industrial Series, built for hazardous locations in industrial and wet environments (Class I, Div. 2), features optional mounting brackets that enable precise aiming in multiple angles.

Additional features of the XFM Series include ballasts placed at the center of the luminaire, made to provide greater balance for ease of installation, better weight distribution and a low-profile and factory-sealed, cast aluminum construction, with a one-piece painted aluminum reflector.

Lamps are included with the XFM Series luminaires in a choice of Types T5, T5HO, T8 and T8HO. The XFM Series is available in two-foot and four-foot lengths for two-, three- and four-lamp combinations. It is built to paint-spray booths, marine locations, chemical plants, wastewater treatment facilities, oil-drilling rigs and refineries, grain elevators, and coal and dust storage.

The DFP Series is available in two-, three-, four-, five- and six-lamp options, all using a 3/16-inch tempered glass lens with acrylic and polycarbonate optional lenses. Lamps are not included with the DFP Series luminaires. Applications are designed to include chemical plants; paper mills; tunnels; water treatment facilities; seacoast locations; preparation, inspection and sanding locations; machining locations; and coal and dust storage.

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